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Saturday, April 04, 2009

RE Global Climate Change - Let’s not scare the straights.

That's right - let’s not scare the straights?

(Yes, blog title borrowed from Ghost Busters)

OK folks. I scare myself now and then, but I suppose out of kindness compassion or general responsibility, I'll try to be nice.

What's that you say, I haven’t been? Have I been insensitive? I don’t know but every now and then I try and do a reality check – just to see if I’m still walking with a left and a right shoe on the proper feet. My mind does wander, sometimes around in circles long enough that I forget where I was heading in the first place.

So, with regard to my mission to understand and in turn say something rational coherent and useful about weather climate human history human progress and uhhhhhh our future...
I’m sorry if I scare anyone.

More so, along those lines I’m sorry if any of you are scared in general with or without my help. But, and here’s the kicker, I think we should be scared.

Not because the end of the world is approaching. Believe the religious dogma if you want, but I'm unwilling to discuss it here and now – maybe another day.

But, the deal is we have lived far too long in far too easy of an artificially comfortable and safe situation.We live in mobile homes, we build in flood plains, we drink our neighbor's pee (cities with river water sources of municipal water), we live near vulnerable ocean shores, we live on fault lines, our critical life enabling infrastructure of energy, transportation and communication systems are not only antiquated, but also – uhhhhhh


And we have not only overpopulated our sparse small supportive habitat, but also become undereducated, and the baby boomer's pensions are sucking the lifeblood out of the few remaining workers not on welfare. God help the politicians if the pension checks stop coming....

(Have you heard, the auto companies may go bankrupt)

Where do we go from here? Do we run and hide, stick our heads in the sand, quit? I say we read. I say we make sure, enable our children to get a good education. I say we re-examine our priorities. I say we think through whether we want $100 tennis shoes made in China, or perhaps some good ole New Balance made in the States. I say we at least try and vote at the cash register.

And perhaps we admit that while the good ole days may be numbered or even behind us, that also the golden age of application of human ingenuity are also before us. Here and now. The time is ripe for quantum leaps forward.Perhaps when Einstein said we weren't’t smart enough to solve the problems we've created with our smarts (loose paraphrase) – just maybe he was wrong. Perhaps the context was different but the point's the same – perhaps our true gift is to get off our ass when we have to – whether we like it or not, when there is work to do we will get to it when pushed hard enough. Bucky Fuller did a good job in “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” of explaining why there is / are ALWAYS the resources available when the crises is of sufficient magnitude.

So here we are – Mother Nature is going to challenge us to re-examine our priorities.
(not only soon but also maybe NOW)

We either choose to adapt or perish according to the laws of Nature – survival of the fittest. I have faith some of us will survive – I also at once think our Golden Age is coming – and also fear the worst for those too busy eating bonbons, reading the Inquirer, and pretending things are different than they are.
Good luck – and may the best man win. Metaphorically of course. I will try to fight the good fight for the underdogs – we all need to make it through the next round. I would rather have people with integrity on my team, then dishonest Neanderthals who fight well. If I’m not mistaken the last time this battle was fought, it got ugly – maybe if we all pool our resources we can avoid a repeat of this land isn’t big enough for the both of us type of mentality.Still metaphorically of course – maybe - interpret, as you will.
PS - as usual, weather, climate, and life on Earth history lessons are here:

Thank you for sharing your valuable time with this humble blog.


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