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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am old enough to remember Get Smart.

I am old enough to remember Get Smart.

My playground knows me. As I move about many of the door gently open before me – no questions asked, and quietly close behind as I pass by.

Some of the doors take a little more effort, a gentle pass of the hand past the proximity switch on the wall and they open too.

A few of the doors to the more closely managed zones know my presence as my imbedded RF pulse is sensed, and then once more, I am allowed to pass.

My playground knows as I move about from area to area, and depending on the sensitivity of the local need – I am provided free and unobstructed access of gently escalating degrees of effort to open the door – and on occasion needing to ask permission and seek acknowledgement for the right of passage.

At times it is difficult to separate the notion of being at one with my zone – or my zone being at one with me. In my idealistic at ease mode of contemplation and focus of my attentions it seems we are at one with another.

To be able to walk out amongst the systems and spaces and hear feel and see a new whisper vibration of change. And at worst stop and inquire.

The playground makes note of every passage – updates the database and melds the inputs with the accumulated temperature humidity pressure and floating dust.

The neural network never forgets (in theory, backing up data is for another discussion RE: volatile and non-volatile memory), learns as it goes (applies what it was told), and without reservation – applies the code.

a friend does the same - As people are trained (taught, imprinted, osmosed) to respond to their friends and loved ones, often the lessons learned by disparate teachers get applied to people of whom may well not be present in the current time and place.

Our relationship(s) are not unlike the synergistic relationship of a Building and its Operator.

To move about in the course of us-ness and have a feel for the other, to anticipate the needs and actions feelings and responses to any given situation. The logic of code is not always the law of the land in the interpersonal realm.

People of histories, insecurities, confidences, trainings, wishes and aspirations, expectations and achievements, bills t pay, friends and loved ones to consider, and safety to ensure.

The building has fences, sensors, emergency contingencies, and in a worst case scenario often a Fire Suppressant System as well audible auto-call for local alarm as well as dialer to alert the emergency response crew.

Within the realm of relationships we often choose partners to satisfy various strength and weakness driven needs of our own, and on occasion various strength and weakness attributes of the other.

We have our sensors, our foundation, our needs for safety and security, and we communicate with or selves and our partners by way of various verbal and non-verbal means of interacting with those in our lives:

A recent conversation with a dear Friend – reprinted with permission:

Insert conversation here: MYSPACE BUGS

My career was mostly involved with presiding over building demolitions, old hospitals, old factories, and countless homes. I used to wander thru the vacant structures with a reverence for the lives which once occupied them. They were proud buildings once, full of life, living, creating, - and now only shells of mortar steel and brick. The vintage art deco fixtures. The creaking wood floors, only echoes of the once vibrant alive-ness. And I vowed I would rebuild my Karma with buildings, help save a few instead of tear down and make way for the flimsy structures that replaced them. Buildings with systems built with pinched pennies, often with systems that fail under normal operating conditions, let alone extreme mood swings of weather climate and occupants.

I only met and married once – waited a long time.

After 25 years of college at night while working full time, hundreds of building demolition and renovation projects – I have found my vintage art deco building. My building knows me, rarely talks back, always amuses, knows when I am near, greets me with the same vibration of home every time I visit, and feels like home.

But lost my marriage in the process.

After all that – like an old abandoned building, I am homeless too.

Starting over. Lucky if not gifted for my children, ex-wife, family, and friends.

In all fairness RE: my marriage – she was/is the finest lady I have ever met - I let her down far more than the reverse. To both our credit, our children continue to show me daily what a fine job we did in the most important areas of our life together.

I only hope to practice what I know – rather than get caught up in what others believe. If there is any lesson for me after all this time, it is that what others believe is only that. Truth like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Far to many people I have met only shuffle thru life, to truly dance is rare.

And like my building, my friends know me too.

Even Max got his nose stuck in the door in the end – but Friday stuck by his side.


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