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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Freakin Schmeakin Schpeakin

Freakin Schmeakin Schpeakin

What happened these past month or two?

Seem like it was the holidays, everybody was writing, blogging, working, dating, chilling then wham. HorseyRuth got ctrlC'd by a young waif who later recanted, Zena got a ditto – and better yet all the friends of the nefarious copy queen defended her actions as all within the bounds of fair play – I went off on her for stealing and ethics and all that crappie shit no much credence paid is attention – SuperBette nearly toasts the shiny part of her as down the freeway on a sprocketrocket minus a rear tire, Schmoozette gets all wound up after a great run quits for a day then comes back roaring, BigBoatQueen goes off on the VartyPeople kind a like the village people except their nothing alike except having people in the name, ChillyPalmer takes on after the popularity game and kicks out one of the funniest pieces of graphical photo literature I’ve seen in 15 months of bloggdom, IonThat is doing his bit terrorizing the dark side of the fence Youropeans, BamBams arsewipe boyfriend rises to new heights of arsedom a day before a family funeral, and now we be literizing over the finer points of urinaling vs literature whilst freaking out about it, a friend calls another friend a thief plagiarizer and then gets ripped apart by a seasoned pro who could fry your eyes out with one look of the pen (keyboard)…..Did I leave anyone out? Fill in the blank _____________________.

Did I mention I’m homeless, have been for four years – but my kids are OK which seems to make it all worth while (by the way I make sure me Ex’s basic needs are met too).


Have we all forgotten the US Constitution and Bill of Rights gives us this privilege to play and make nice in the manner of our choosing (two separate things for those of you who are anal enough to swim in details like me).



I propose everybody get the fuck off the wagon, sit on a bench by a stream, pond, lake, ocean of your choice and listen to the water – IT WILL TELL YOU SOMETHING

I haven’t met my standards of behavior all the time in recent months and NEITHER have any of you – LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND TELL THE TRUTH.

Anyone behaving in a civil fashion, but tossing out written efforts for the sake quantity just for of rankings? Anyone neglecting homework for the MySpace crack?

I’m guilty on a few integrity points and I suspect we all are too.

If we respect our craft, and each other – I PROPOSE A TIME OUT.

Lets take one step back and smell the roses. The apple blossoms will be out in DC soon, I remember it’s quite the special time.

I also remember we are the (including the talented writers I haven’t met yet) cream of the creative crop (it isn’t in Hollywood anymore).

MySpace and the lesser traveled personal free speech zones on the Internet are the happening place to be – and if we do it right – WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If someone gives me shit I’m going to thank then for helping me look closer, not attack him or her. If someone gives a friend of mine shit, I’m going to thank them and politely seek a productive resolution. If someone gives himself or herself shit, I’m going to do what I can do to cheer them up.


Whine snivel, crab, parry, sidestep and volley?

Aside from stupid teens promoting drinking parties and posting inappropriate pics, aside form predators hunting younger vulnerables, aside from Government snoops – I suspect the vast majority of folks on the Internet are decent intelligent folks. If we put our heads together and work together – we can alter the game. So lets raise the bar.

So in celebration of SteamGeek’s National Free Speech Day I propose we all got to the following link and repeat after me (type it in the blank):

“I’ve been a crapper, and from now on I’m going to play like I’m in the sandbox again”

For those of you who don’t get the message, loosely put “everything I need to learn in life I learned in the sandbox” or something like that.

Want an example for cool things we can do on this free speech Enterprise? and

Talk amongst yourselves, no more throwing stones.


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