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Friday, September 08, 2006



I was fairly (significantly) disheartened to find a new Blog-friend wasn’t an X Files fan. After all the filming was in her back yard for the series. (I don’t recall where the movie was filmed).

Remember those Bees? The plan of the nefarious daring do(er)s was to breed and raise Zeno-Bees. At the strategic time of choosing the bees would be released to go forth and spread DNA amongst the human masses. I don’t exactly remember the plotline but basically I think they were going to do the birds and bees type nature dance with the pollen and the honey – and the DNA would make it into the food chain and thus then humans – with customized DNA would be the result.


There was also a weekly series show dedicated to Zeno-Bio Pigs. Much has been written on growing new organs amongst livestock for transplant patients – want to talk about ethics? I'm not up to it but maybe another day - save it for a rainy day and we can chew the fat – or if you need to make the rain, ask the Chinese.

Remember the famous Dr Frankenstein movies of our youth. The black and white versions where the good doctor scavenges dead body parts from graveyards of the neighborhood? Rigghermortus sets in? Simply stitch back together in a format that works for you and apply electricity from a lightening storm – and and and – LIFE springs forth.

The scientist would have us believe that millions and millions (actually more than 2 millions) – BILLIONS of years ago there was no life on this Earth. As the story goes in the days of rock juice and water, lots of sloshing and blending, sloshing and blending, mixing and blending amongst the tidal pools and the earliest versions of enzymes gently formed in the great primordial soup of Earthly life origin. And eventually as the story goes these earliest chemicals grew and morphed and then one day by some miracle of happenstance – the spark of life spontaneously self generated.

Suddenly bacteria complete with DNA and metabolic and respiration processes were the new kid on the block.

So we start with a teasing of human intellect combining un-like species into a hybrid and unnatural form of life – and harkens back to the shadow world of yesteryear to before even bugs swarmed the flowers.

Flowers with no bees? Wait right there, how’d the pollen get too and fro? I don’t know, don’t ask. In the beginning there was the word and the word was God.

And the world was created in 7 days, and we showed up – and that all you need to know – no, you shut up.

Then those little bacteria got ambitious and formed them selves into multi celled organisms and then fish then reptiles then mammals AND THEN HUMANS.

The Biblical version of creation is not for today either, so chill out.

But what’s all the fuss about Bird Flu? It’s a bird dammit. A virus from a bird (with unique bird flu like cell stuff) might make its way into a human (breath deep) and then combine with human viruses (swap DNA) – and Houston we have a problem.

I’m not a medical guy so I’m not going to bore you with the details – just trust me – its Zeno-Biology much like I mentioned above.

Its hybrids. Something new from disparate origins resulting from the combining of two un-like life forms.

What? They can breed? Two bugs of different varieties?

Well not exactly, maybe, but this swapping of cell juices (isn’t that what everyone’s doing nowadays) has it’s merits?

That’s how a mosquito does its nefarious business. Ticks too. They insert the proboscis, the juices from the bug intermingle with the juices of the host (hosts are people too) and pretty soon you have the potential for trading of genetic data and the result is an infection by a parasite. And the parasite shares juices with the host – and other parasites in the host share juices with the other parasites – and in the case of bacteria – new life forms result with some combination of the characteristics of the two previously separate life forms.

It happens everyday. Yep.

And the Mexicans come to the US and settle down and we raise a stink about it.

And for decades and decades (more like hundreds of years) the Europeans fled the persecuted home land and settled in the US – met one another in the market place church or factory – intermingled and soon we had babies of mixed ancestry.

The Germans bred with the Polish, the Brits with the French – they with each other again – soon the aliens took over. No one is a local except a few Indians and maybe a few Amish. (Just joking about the Amish) – but those Mennonites? The X-Files did an episode in this touchy area – the truth is out there.

But what about those aliens? Intermixed varieties of DNA with the normal run of the mill Earthling?

Can it happen? If the ship landed would we spot it from NORAD and have a proper welcome?

What if it was a bug? Would Mork from ORK carry a mosquito in his intergalactic EggShip? If it got loose would we all suddenly speak Orkin? Would we all suddenly become secret agent pest inspectors with a secret agenda to propagate the alien DNA amongst the cockroaches of the world? Or just via the Home Shopping Network and plants from Tasmania.

What if we inhaled deeply a mold spore? Ever crawl around into a dank dusty basement and come back with allergies? Ever crawl around the attic of an old church and wade thru bat shit? Guano? There are bugs in that there black gold. Bacteria, mold, God knows what other nefarious creepy crawling microscopic life forms.

But what if our planet on its interplanetary tour of the 365 day cycle sped its way thru a cloud of interstellar mold spores?

What if they don’t have DNA as we know it – put they still propagate in 600-degree water, grow and reproduce? (That’s boiling plus almost 400 more degrees).

What if we breathe in these spores, they embedded in our lungs and grew, released new spores, shared their DNA with our bodily metabolic processes – and we were now a hybrid?

Would our white blood cells and natural bodily defense systems see them as foreign visitors into our inner sanctum and go to battle?

Would the new life forms fight back?

Who would win?

How would they (we) vote?

Stay tuned.

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Good Lord! Creeping crud is everywhere... Mutating...

"Scully... this has got to be a conspiracy!"

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