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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Desert Planet…

The Desert Planet…

Perhaps it would be fun to think and write about de-forestation. Might be more fun to consider the Eskimos have no existing words in their language to describe the weather patterns and ecosystem changes and effects currently happing in the far North.

There is something to be said about Global Warming. Which from the start let me suggest is a media invented buzzword that only the media has a use for. At least as far as news ratings go.

Yes the scientists employ Cray Super Machines to model global weather patterns, forecasts, and what if models. Yes cousins of the same scientists spend careers estimating the aggregate gain or loss of solar energy as varying ebb and flow of glacial snow mass, surface water conditions, plankton populations, and land mass and its vegetation characteristics, etc. Satellites are also very useful to analyze urban sprawl

A few very bright engineers can predict the spring runoff in California based on partial satellite imagery and forward looking fuzzy logic models based on very limited quality images that represent a small ratio of the actual geographic sum total snow coverage of the area. A few other bright Engineers figured out how to model the power grid and predict peak loads with the same fuzzy logic codes. As long as we can still cut down a tree and throw it in the boilers’ firebox, we will be able to juice the computers to think for us.

But it might be fun to play with the far better term of “Global Climate Change”.

Yes it’s a given we have a vested interest in whether the Earth collects more energy that it gives off. A balance is one of those things our short-lived generations seek to foster for our limited comfort zone and piece of mind. But rarely is the balance Mother Nature seeks, strutting to the same tune as we mortals.

The Earth has its cycles, its no accident the complete known history of our civilization only exists post last ice age. Either we weren’t around before, or we forgot. There is very little room for a 3rd option.

This is not the place to debate the biggest question of whether there was something else before the last time the big ice melted.

It may be the place to debate our chances of being around for the future.

These few sentences are to capture and the thought I had while driving last night…. More to follow later.

In the mean time compare the Greek / European / American systems of Great Pirates fostered specialization with how it works on Arrakis. (borrowed without permission, if you visit please say thank you to the stars)

Come back and visit later……


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