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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nothing comes too mind......

Nothing comes too mind......

Nothing comes too mind

The suns out, it rained last night.

Been thinking for a while about just writing something creative. Not because I have something to say, not because I have to, not because anyone wants me to, maybe that's why I haven't. Better yet maybe that's why I am.

Maybe not.

The material from my library I've been sharing has been fun, keeps me thinking, keeps me on the edge of my seat. I've picked up many many new folks on the buddy list in recent weeks, and there is some minor validation in growing numbers. There is even larger validation in the quality of emails and comments that come my way and there is no satisfaction if doing poor work.

I have what seems like endless and continually flowing ideas of what I want to put up on this canvas that is our Internet fodder for consumption of my energies, and funny how it works - I'm also still after all these years trying to focus my energies.

Somewhere along the way I conned myself to believe if I could just get organized, it would all be more fun, more efficient, more productive, less strain, less, less, or more.


Not easy.

It isnt.

Nothing ever has been for me, at least not in the normal sense.

It's swimming pool season, and there is much work to do to get organized and offer a coherent broad swath on the art and science of healthful happy enjoyable therapeutic recreation in the pools. And they can be dangerous. At the very least hurt the eyes and skin if things aren't right. Last week I went camping at our regular southern Hillsdale County private site. I could have thrown a rock and hit Indiana (I miss my Hoosier friend). A friend with a few acres and a pond with springs flowing cold year around. For some reason I don't really like to swim there, mostly I think because there are no showers available when we rustic camp. The other thing is the use of weed control chemicals. I think its mostly in my head rather than anything I can reason out the small fish do thrive around the edges, chasing the bugs and flitting about the surface. As a side bar I went for trip down the road to the Granddads Hotel and helped keep an eye on the teens that were taking advantage and using the pool for a while. WORSE pool Ive seen in years. I swam anyway, but then my standards are pretty high too so it wasnt really all that bad in the bigger scheme of things. From the macro view two things about indoor pools if you can smell chlorine when you walk in to the pool, there are water quality issues and dont swim. If you can stand at the shallow end and NOT see the main drain at the deep end, dont swim.

But that's all just technical info about water quality both in ponds and pools. I could regurgitate from memory volumes and pages and days and days of this stuff. Want to know about various issues and regulatory boundaries of landfills? Interstate transport of solid waste, garbage form Canada trucked to Michigan, type II with liners, how about type III for construction waste non-friable asbestos can go in a type II but friable double bagged needs to go in a type II and be covered up every day to prevent any blowing about and migration of contaminants. Normal household waste also goes in a type II the only difference is the daily covering up part.

See? Its just technical info.

I could ramble for days about HVAC too. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Or refrigeration, charge optimization for R12 R134a R22 R409 how why and the economic impacts and system performance of the various new refrigerants, and why some of the banned ones may have been better and more effective thermal movers (oil and moisture management matters too), how about clean room? Want to talk about duct control in semi-conductor plants? Power paint and auto paint facilities? Pharmaceutical, coal dust is explosive in coalmines. Indoor air quality in homes schools offices sports arenas no smoking in bars and casinos in Windsor now, most of Canada too for what I read.

How about energy management?

Want to delve deeper into religion and the history of human philosophical development?

I do.

I want to do it all.

But I want to write too.

That's why I said nothing comes too mind.

The brain regurgitates data, but it's with the mind that we see thru the haze, grasp the part we can't see feel and touch.

It becomes an act of faith.

Which of course is the difference between religion and history.

The difference between myth and fact.

The difference between con and service to humanity.

The difference between artificial sweeteners and sugar.

Pure cane sugar.

Do a test for me?

Close your eyes real tight and hold them tight, can you gently and slowly begin to focus on the inside of your eyelids and then begin to see the human electric juice flowing thru the nerves bouncing back off the retina?

Can you see what begins to be the bright flashing moving lights?

You just said hello to God.

The truth is out there.

It isn't in the data, it’s a leap of faith.

I believe.

Its all in the mind, we will never find it via the human ability to reason.

So I guess something comes to mind after all.

(This isnt about what you might think it is, but then feel free to make it about anything you wish).

A dew.


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