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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

On the art of juxtaposition

Dug this up from the "unpublished" archive, pretend its fresh...

On the art of juxtaposition

I've been wanting to blog on the subject of "“Juxtaposition"” for months and after searching for months and months (more than 2) for Scully's line to Mulder to that effect, I have struck out. As full season DVD sets are pushing $100, I'm just going to have to wait. Unless of course the left over FEMA Patio Relief fund for California gets reallocated for cranial wandering projects– that is.

From my feeble memory, Scully said to Mulder, "“the weaving together of seemingly unrelated pieces of information to form a rational conclusion to explain the explainable of which was lost by any normal means of analysis"”.

I stretched it a bit I think, but it’s pretty close - such is poetic license when doing quasi creative writing. As soon as someone or I can dig up the dialogue I will correct the aforementioned linguistics. I am to the point where certain lines from certain shows hold a reverence for me as though lyrics from our favorite songs. This quote from Ms. Scully is one of them.  For the not so faint of heart there are others, but I will save those for another day. The point is Scully knew, perhaps like no other, the gift of tenacity Mulder had for his quest. The unrelenting search for the truth to his questions.

The truth is out there.

If I want to be aware of the extra-toed frogs (and extra legged) from the Savanna River Weapons complex (did I mention the deformed turtles and snakes that wander off the reservation and breed with the straights?) or the Dioxin discharges of the Tittabawassee River and subsequent effects to the habitat of the river basin, not to mention the Saginaw Bay (did I mention this is just upstream from the inlet to the municipal water supply of the entire Detroit Metropolitan Area?)  Or that nearly every resident in the State of Michigan has PCB residue in their bodies from the sealant sprayed on the feed silos that made it’s way into the dairy feed and subsequently the milk and subsequently we Michigan residents.

If I want to drink my Espresso and dance on the keyboard and try and make sense of it all, and share it with you, this is my dance.

Want to talk about the Hanford reservation in Washington State? There is a similar facility in Russia the only difference is Hanford has a fast moving River (Columbia) that carried away most of the discharge (Seattle Water Supply?) and the Russian facility was in a the center of a vast isolated swampy region and most of the contamination stayed in the vicinity.

Just for fun, check it out:

We all need to find our dance, and get our asses to the dance floor.

As I contemplate the next step of this chapter, we must allow for the wandering thru obscure subject matter. Each of us has a right. Birthright if you will, to search out and discover that which turns us on, not just emotionally or intellectually but both simultaneously, and chase it to the end of the road. This is synergy.

Those NASA scientists may well save the Earth from a rogue comet someday, and for now it just seems incredibly anal (as in a gift of privilege).

This is the most revered contribution we can make to our free society, the truest we can be to ourselves and those we love, the closest we can achieve to balance in our universe.

And if we can teach our children to view the world this way, and they can practice the art, we just might get closer to ourselves.

It is a quest,– and each of us has our own to discover.  And then dance.

Overcoming writer's block by thinking about it...

I was invited to write something by kind of a prestigious guy, for kind of a pretty prestigious (technical text) book coming out soon.

Been thinking about it for quite some time.

Still am...

Thinking about it doesn't cure writer's block.

I may just decide to start writing again